Thursday, 22 September 2016

Do We Know When We Don’t Know?

Most people are aware on what they are learning to improve their skills into additional skills. They go on working on different perspectives to learn; they may seek help, hunt for the required information, ask different questions and look for better ways to learn. So all these are super cool when they are following, but wait. Here is the thing that do most people know what they exactly need when they are in the need of additional knowledge or skills? Let’s go on one research and see what does this research tell us?

According to research conducted by Kruger and Dunning on the nature of proficiency at social and intellectual tasks that people who are less proficient tend to have serious problems recognizing that they are not proficient at these tasks. This test claimed that people with lower skills in these tasks are tend to hold higher views on their abilities when compare with the people who are having higher skills in these tasks are tend to hold lower views on their abilities.

For example, in one of the four tests of their research, participants were given 20 items from the Law School Admission Test on logical reasoning. After they completed the test, they were asked to estimate their score. Participants who did the worst scored at the 12th percentile (meaning 88 percent did better than they did), but they estimated that performance at the 68th percentile. Participants who scored in the 86th percentile estimated themselves at the 68th percentile. They found this same result in all of the tests.

So can people correctly evaluate whether they need additional knowledge and skills to perform their job? The answer is, “people who are most proficient are more able to correctly evaluate their performance and the need for additional knowledge and skills”.  


According to Kruger and Dunning, the reason behind this is just because of lack of proficiency steals people from metacognitive skill to recognize their proficiency. In other word the skills to draft a good email are the same skills it takes to know if the email is well written one.

Therefore Metacognition is an ability to monitor and assess one’s own understanding. It is what makes people who are more proficient can better able to estimate what they exactly need to learn.

Finally coming to end of this discussion, estimating one’s capacity to accurately evaluate performance and compare it to others is important as it impacts learning and other choices. What I have shown here is that research shows, people seem to be limited in their ability to do this. Some researchers indicate that this is a more western phenomenon, as people in some non-western societies are taught to be more modest about their skills.

Monday, 12 September 2016


The trend of online IT training has taken a new turn in every corner of the globe.  We have turned the concept of education into e- learning, where the internet is said to be the Global classroom. And according to a study it has been proved that E- learning is much more effective than that of traditional one.
But one problem that is persistence in both the cases is the attendance of the pupil in the classroom. The mentors have tried and tested different ways in which this could have been taken into the control of their hands but hardly few of them worked.  Few of the selected tips are listed below, Check the following points to have classroom full of students.

·         Decide on a platform: This is one of the major things that should be taken under consideration, every time, both for the students and for the teachers equally. Decide whether you want to have a group study or a single one to one platform. This would filter a lot of things and make you more comfortable as a student and give you more liberty to teach as a teacher. 

·         Explain the activity: Before you start the class makes sure that you have a through expiation to the teacher about how you want the activity or the class to be done. And if you are a mentor, give a brief about your class beforehand.

·         Set simple guidelines:  Make your class an easy to understand one. Give proper guidelines which are easy and clears whatever you want to convey.

·         Ask questions: Wherever you face a problem as a question to the mentor. There is nothing wrong in asking. Where you face a hindrance ask.

·         Concentrate:  When you are attending an online class, keep your full attention to the class itself.

These were just few of the tips that could help you to attend all the classes when you are perusing online studies.  Get online IT training in many of the institutes all over the world.  Next time if you opt for any of the online training, keep this above points in mind. 

Monday, 29 August 2016

New to online learning? Follow few of these tips to have a better experience!

Online education is now the most trending platform that is been followed worldwide. In this busy schedule of our day to life, online learning is blessing that has been bestowed to all of us. Today most of the working professionals prefer online training, because they can keep on gaining knowledge and at the same time earn a livelihood.
In a survey, it has been found that, more than 2 lakhs students get themselves enrolled in one or the other online course every year. This shows how the trend of these online training is growing. In this blog today we would discuss few of the tips that would help the new students to get a grip on this format of online training in India.

A new experience:

This would a very new experience to any one joins up. The format of online study gives you a lot of freedom and facility, thus which should be used with proper justification. Otherwise thing might just not turn in your favor.

Learn it in your own way:

As said earlier, there is lot of freedom when it comes to online study! You can learn in any manner you want. There is nobody to barricade you to follow a particular format or style. Apply your own style and start trying new ways to discover the best that suits you.

Sharing is caring:

When you study online, it is evident that you would be meeting people who are there virtually as your class mates. Start sharing your notes and experience, and listen to them too. This will enhance your productivity towards study and help you to gain more knowledge on the subject.

Ask when in doubt:

You are a student, and thus having a doubt should not be much of a problem. So whenever you have a doubt raises a doubt. This will not only solve your entire problem but also give a clear idea about the topic that you are studying.

These were just few of the tips that would help you to have a smooth learning experience. If you have any other points to add, do write on the comment section below.  

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Is Supply Chain Management a Good Option for Career in IT?

Did you realize that, Supply chain manager wants to create what ants do naturally: They try to optimize and integrate all the steps that are required to produce the right amount of the right product and then deliver it to the end user at the right time with everything that is correctly placed? Putting it in better words, supply chain management (SCM) is something which is involved in every aspect of getting products to customers, from raw materials to consumption. As a well known saying goes “Supply chain management is interested in everything that happens to a product from cradle to grave.” The concept of logistics came into existence during World War II while there was an effort to get the correct amount of supplies to the troops at the right time, supply chain management took the good effort of looking further back into the life of a product & to its manufacture and also to product design while they were integrating what were once taken as unrelated disciplines: customer service and marketing.

Talking generally, SCM recruiters do not look for generalists not even at the entry level. Most companies and organizations have a very selective group of SCM programs from which they recruit. This is because the market is soft now; companies are demanding functional and industry experience even fresher’s positions. In the sphere of MBA, companies look for supply chain coursework or dedicated supply chain programs.

The basic outlook for supply chain management looks healthy & promising. However, in the case of mid-career job seekers, almost all the companies look for people with proper training in supply chain management or prior industry and functional experience. These pre-requisites always limit the number of qualified candidates in the field. While there is no role which clearly outshines the others in terms of employer demand, more companies are getting reorganized around supply chain management and so supply chain manager roles are becoming more prevalent.

Proficiency in an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software package Like SAP, Oracle, or i2 greatly generally enhances your marketability. Finally, because of the cross-functional nature of the companies and field, communication and people skills are paramount and are one of the most important criteria.

Monday, 15 August 2016

5 Common Mistakes Job-seekers Make During Online Tests

There are many people who are currently searching for employment, and in that case having the right skills to fit your perfect job is crucial. Not only this, but also every job seekers must have or seek the skills required to pass the basic recruitment process. And these days online test have become an integral part on any job interview. Any mistakes which you do here might just take away the toll of all the effort that you had put in to give in the test. So here are some of the basic things that you should keep in mind while you write an online exam for job.
Read the question and understand what it says and asks.

A common mistake that all of us make while we sit down for an exam is rush down. It is a common humanitarian nature that works out nervously. But this is absolutely wrong. It is recommended that while you sit down for the test make sure that your read all the questions slowly, understand them and then go ahead to answer them. While you type your answer don’t just be hyper, keep your mind cool and then start typing.
Spell check your answers
Often it is found that candidates, though go slow and steadily while they give their test, but does few silly mistakes that brings their points down, so this is another point that one should keep in mind while they give their test. A through Spell check should be done before you go to the next question. Have a look or twice at the answer that you have given.
Grammatical Errors

Just like spelling errors, make sure that you don’t commit any mistakes that is grammatically wrong. This will lead to a negative impact to your examiner. So the best way to avoid is to use simple words and correct grammatical usage that does not have any complicacies which might raise a doubt in the grammatical error of your answer. The same thing is to be repeated, a thorough check through your answers can save you a lot of marks.  

Hold your nerves.

It is very much common and expected too that one might just get nervous while they sit to take the test. And this is something even elders tell us often that getting a bit nervous is not bad. But make sure that this nervousness of your should not take a toll of your test. Be as much as calm you can be and then sit to take the test. Getting nervous can led to a situation of complete blankness. And that might not be good for your further interview.

Be yourself.

It is one of the most important point that you should keep in mind while you are sitting for an online test. Don’t keep on thinking that what the interviewer wants to hear. Be yourself and put all the credentials and fact at the correct order and which are true to your knowledge. Don’t try to impress the interviewer by put up fake answers because trust me they are professionals and have experience in recruiting people for a long time. Thus lying to them can be highly dangerous.

So did you get an hang of how to appear for you online test. If you want to add some of experience or may be something that you feel should be added to this segment, you are free to comment in the section below. 

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Exceptionally Beautiful top 6 College Campuses in India

1) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

The lush green campus was established in the year of 1899 is located at an altitude of 942m, which the highest point in Bangalore. The campus would just make you fall in love with it!.

 2) Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati.

The 700 acre campus on the banks of northern Brahmaputra and hills surrounding the other side will surely mesmerize you with its methodical patches of well-organized lanes and greenery.

3) BITS, Pilani

If you see the location of campus, it is unique in the respect of scenic beauty and panoramic view of picturesque, which is covered with wooded paths and spread over 328 acres. You will just love to be in this campus.

4) The Forest Research Institute, Dehradun

Nothing would detract the FRI from the beauty which can only be described as breathtaking and awesome. It is over 1300 acres of lush green forests and is well crafted and maintained gardens, highlighted by some glorious buildings which date back to the pre-Independence era.

5)National Defence Academy, Khadakwasla

The NDA campus is located about 17 km south-west of Pune city, north-west of Khadakwasla Lake. It spans 7,015 acres of the 8,022 acres donated by the Government of the former Bombay State.

6) Symbiosis Knowledge Village, Lavale

A campus that most of us would love to go in. With some of the best features, Symbiosis remains one best college campus in the country.

Monday, 18 July 2016

4 Reasons to Consider a Career in SEO

1) Because you love words.

SEO involves writing well. And thus you would need to communicate not just to search engines but to humans so that your website and content is one of the most topically relevant thing. When it comes to on-page SEO and outreach, there are many a ways with words that will get you far.

2) If you are a “digital citizen”.

In today’s world, SEO is progressing way too further into an inter discipline.  For example Take the recent Twitter-Google partnership or may be Facebook’s steady growth of Graph Search updates to index and find old posts. If you really passionate about all digital things, you may also find your niche in the world of search engine optimization. There is another key component of being a digital citizen; this is a vigorous thirst for knowledge. In a dynamic industry as search engine optimization, you should never stop learning to remain relevant.

3) If you’re analytical.

 Do you like data? If yes! That’s great.
SEO’s got a lot of it. While the words are a key component of SEO development, the rankings also plays crucial role as well. Typically, we might just say analytical-minded thinking is harder to teach, and therefore if you feel this is strength for you, SEO may be right up your alley.

4) You’ve got an eye for design.

We know and understand that, content matters. You could have a definitely have an optimized product page, only if the design elements are appealing or it requires a clickthrough path for the users to get there from your homepage. This is one of the reasons particularly, why web developers and designers are prime candidates for careers in SEO.
While there are always definite backgrounds, personality traits and talents that may help to contribute to success career in the field of search engine optimization, at the same time there’s no direct path or shortcut to digital marketing success.

Coming to the fact how you can learn and train in this particular subject, internet has solved this for you too. Now, you can learn SEO online, from major Online IT training institutes, which would not only help you get trained but also grab you a good  job.